KINTO Cafepress Mug


Press to brew your tea and coffee. Lower the plunger to enjoy rich aromatic coffee or tea in just a few minutes! CAFEPRESS mug brews and strains all in one place. Just put in the coffee grounds or tea leaves, add boiling water, and let it brew. After a few minutes, slowly press down the plunger and enjoy! The double layered mug keeps your beverage warmer longer while protecting your hand from the heat.


Size: 8.8oz / 260ml

Dimensions: ø3.6 in x H5 in x W5 in / ø91 x H127 x W127 mm

Material: ABS resin

Material: ABS resin, stainless steel, silicone
User Recommendations: dishwasher safe

Material: polypropylene
User Recommendations: dishwasher safe

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