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Drip Bag - Colombia Enamora

Drip Bag - Colombia Enamora

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Drip Bag - Colombia Enamore 

Make authentic coffee easily. You can enjoy a cup of rich coffee at home. 

Tasting Note: Blackberry, Rasberry
Origin: Colombia
Process: Blackberry Natural
Variety: Caturra
Net weight: 10g
Roasted and packed in Hong Kong 

How to enjoy

1. 撕開 Tear

Tear along the arrow in front of bag.

 2. 撥開 Poke
左手拇指穿過掛耳, 右手食指將左側邊緣撥開
Put thumb into hanger, open the side along seam.

 3. 成型 Formed
Tear until at the bottom of filter bag.

 4. 沖泡 Pour
Open the hangers on both sides and place it in a cup
then pouring hot water.