Single Origin - PANAMA Esmeralda Special Reserved Bosque


Single Origin - PANAMA Esmeralda Special Reserved Bosque

Altitude : 1690 m

Process : Slow Dry Natural with Yeast, plus 25 days on African raise beds

Variety : Geisha

Roasting Level : Light


Description: The Esmeralda Estate is located on Highlands of Boquete, South-West region of Panama. Bosque is a farm located in the Jaramillo region. At Bosque, it usually provides the coffee with floral, stone fruit and citrus flavour.

The Esmeralda Estate is a multi-awarded production farm, which has (for example) been awarded 8 times on Best of Panama competition.


Flavor : Floral, Peach , Strawberry Yogurt, Apple
風味 : 花香,蜜桃,草莓味乳酪,蘋果



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