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REACTION has been supplying freshly roasted beans to various businesses for almost 10 years in Hong Kong. We source best coffee beans all around the world and roasted in our Hong Kong factory.

Our clients range from offices and cafes. As a coffee bean wholesaler, we hear our clients’ needs and are happy to tailor the coffee selection which our clients love to provide to their guests and employees. We also have the flexibility for a delivery schedule to suit your needs.

To check the quality of each batch of coffee, cupping is regularly done every week to observe the aroma, acidity, and aftertaste of coffee. Through cupping, we get a better understanding of each coffee, and more importantly, this can ensure our coffee beans have consistent quality.


In short, REACTION offers:

  • Quality coffee beans freshly roasted in Hong Kong
  • Coffee selection which you love
  • Scheduled delivery which suits you the best


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